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Pho Dalat

Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnam has one of the most sophisticated and exciting cuisines in the world. The country’s culinary heritage combines elements from three of the world’s most celebrated cuisines: French, Chinese, and Indian. The three most important characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine are freshness, healthy and creativity combined with presentation. With Vietnamese cuisine, one can certainly appreciate the rich tastes, vibrant colors, and diverse textures.

Vietnam is a long and narrow country that runs in North - South direction. The geography of this country can be divided into three different regions: North with Red River Delta, Central with mountainous terrain, and South with Mekong River Delta. Each region is uniquely different from the others with different landscape and climate. Therefore, each area contributes differently to Vietnam’s culinary tradition.

In the North, colder weather limits the variety of spices and produce availability. As a result, the food is lighter and less spicy-hot. Beef noodle soup (called Pho) is famous here.

Food in the central regions are highly decorative and spicy reflections in the abundance of spices that the mountainous terrain offers. Hue Style soup is hot and very tasty.

The hot and humid weather and fertile earth in the South makes it ideal for growing a huge variety of vegetables and fruits. It is here where the French and Indian influences are most prominent. Sea foods and veggie stir-fry is best here.

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